Volunteering and Employment


Within Mourne Grange we employ people in a range of roles, from administration and support services through to support workers and house coordinators. We currently have 36 employees in total and enjoy the links they bring to the local community and becoming part of the Mourne Grange family.

All opportunities for employment within Mourne Grange are advertised on our website, recruitment websites and also local press.

Short Term Volunteers 

If you are interested in joining our community please contact us at applications@mournegrange.org.

Camphill Community Mourne Grange is an integrated therapeutic Community where co-workers live and work alongside adults with special needs.

Voluntary co-workers coming to stay in Mourne Grange and live in house communities with adults with learning disabilities and their long-term co-workers.

The role of a co-worker includes helping with the household tasks as well as supporting the residents with their care needs. All co-workers take part in the cultural and festival activities, which we celebrate together as a Community.

As well as living and working in a house community, every voluntary co-worker supports our work areas, such as the bakery, food processing, wood workshop, weavery, garden and farm.

All voluntary co-workers take part in an Induction Course as required by the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) and the minimum standards set by the Registration and Quality Improvement Association (RQIA) This training provides the information to work with and support adults with learning disabilities.

Additionally, a Foundation Course is run every year, based on anthroposophical  Camphill values.

Our aim is that at the end of their stay, all voluntary co-workers have gained a number of invaluable experiences. We hope the skills learned at Mourne Grange will be useful in any future life situation.

We usually ask for a minimum commitment of 6 months, preferably for 1 year.

Long Term Volunteers

If you are interested in joining our community please contact us at applications@mournegrange.org.

Long term Co-workers are responsible for all aspects of running a house community or a workshop and are called house co-ordinators or workshop co-ordinators. It is essential to have enthusiasm for life-sharing and contributing to community life. Long term Co-workers need to have a genuine interest in living with and supporting people with learning disabilities. They contribute to the social and cultural life in the community and uphold the aims and values of Camphill. All long term Co-workers are responsible for the well-being of the community and all of its residents.

We ask for a minimum commitment of two years. Experience in working with adults with learning disabilities is recommended as well as good communication and organisational skills. Training is encouraged for example QCF level 2 and 3 in Health and Social Care.


Mourne Grange is governed by a Management Council whose membership is from a varied background within Mourne Grange and the local community. Mourne Grange welcomes interest from anyone who would be interested in joining the Management Council and contributing to the governance and management of the Community.