Work Life Overview

Mourne Grange offers people the opportunity to find purpose in a variety of work and creative activities. Meaningful work is very important to everyone, and for us work is not restricted to paid employment. Knowing that what you do matters and is valued by the Community contributes greatly to your sense of belonging, but also your own self-worth. 

The Wood Workshop

The well equipped wood workshop is able to produce many useful products for our community. There are opportunities to make pieces which are both functional and artistic for sale in our Mourne Grange craft shop or at local and community craft fairs. There is the opportunity to learn a range of skills, for example carving, sanding and wood turning.

The Bakery

The bakery provides the opportunity to learn about making bread, biscuits and cakes. The busy bakery team produces all the bread for the community, pizza dough, biscuits for tea break and cakes for birthdays and celebrations. They also supply all the biscuits, cakes and scones for our Mourne Grange coffee shop.

The Weavery

In the Weavery there is the opportunity to learn about weaving and felting. Each person is able to work on a loom and produce many beautiful woven items, for example wall hangings, rugs, oven gloves, bags and table runners. These are sold in our Mourne Grange craft shop and also at local craft fairs.

Community Produce

The team in this work area processes the fruit, berries and vegetables from our orchards and gardens and provides the Community with delicious organic jams and bottled juice throughout the year.

The Garden

In the garden we grow biodynamic vegetables, fruit and flowers for our  community. The team enjoys being able to share the produce with the houses every week. There is an increased sense of well-being from being outside in the 'great outdoors’, being in touch with nature and being part of a growing process producing food for their Community.

The Farm

The farm is registered to Demeter standards and covers a large area of the Mourne Grange estate. There are cattle, sheep and chickens, all of which provide meat, wool and eggs for the community. Members of the farm team have the opportunity to learn about looking after the land and animals and provide a meaningful contribution to the Community.